California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Wilson Research Group LLC does not collect, distribute, electronically transfer, sell, or track Personally Identifiable Information (PII). All data we collect and process for our clients is collected voluntarily from survey respondents with their explicit approval and is always anonymous. This data is used to better products, services and professional standards. As we do not collect PII data, it is not possible to identify individuals in any way in our survey data, research, analysis and processing. Furthermore the data we do collect is reported only in aggregate form, never on a single respondent basis. We hold all data in encrypted storage format. We respond individually to all queries about our data processing and data storage. In general, and in conformance with standard market research industry practices, we treat all respondents honestly, openly, and with due diligence in protecting their privacy and their data. We respect the rights of those who have voluntarily given of their time and sincere desire to better the products, services and professional quality of their fields.

Our Data Security Officer (DSO) is:
Zachary Wilson