Software Development, EDA, Embedded Systems Research

Time to market analysis is one of the keys to understanding success in this industry. Who is coming in on schedule and who is not? And why? What technologies are changing (like UML and modeling) and what are the most useful tools of the trade?

We continue a long history of professional relationships in this field with expert partners and industry leaders, and we welcome research into all segments of the software development, EDA and embedded markets.

Our report systems benefit software developers in the speedy access to relevant information. Experts and developers relish ExecStats in that it allows developers to form their own unique questions and interact with the data to find answers. One CEO put it this way: "I wanted to cancel my calendar for the rest of the day and start rolling around in the data."

Bottom line: Our developer clients need to be alert to significant advantages that accrue from technology advances and to be aware of when new waves crest. We help them design a continual flow report system that anticipates rather than reacts to market changes.

Our software/hardware development clients includes: Adobe Systems, Data Robotics, SunRun Systems, Embedded Market Forecasters, Mentor Graphics, Dr. Dobb's Journal, MSDN Magazine, Microsoft, TechNet Magazine, Fawcette Technical Publications, among others.

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