ExecStats Online Reporting System

Our proprietary online reporting system allows clients to explore the information gathered in an online survey like never before. You can chart, sort, filter, and cross-tab data in a quick and easy to use format. All information is presented in a straightforward way that lets even a novice get powerful information out of a research survey. ExecStats is an added service to your research project. Contact us today and ask us to include ExecStats.

  • Easy to use interface and report management
  • In-depth cross-tabulations with mutiple banner points
  • Complex filtering/data subsets
  • Chart view of all tables
  • Verbatim answer crosstabs (side-by-side look at open-ended answsers)
  • Quick and easy Excel export
  • Save unique data views/filters (share with others in your organization)
  • Quick graphing
  • Real-time data display

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Offline Reporting

The report is where the rubber meets the road. Wilson Research Group, LLC delivers detailed, yet accessible reports. A typical report includes a table of contents, purpose page, executive summary, methodology page, cross-tabulations, charts, graphs, simple frequencies, and verbatim responses. Our reports take advantage of dynamic linking, allowing viewers to move through reports as though it were a Web page. This saves time, printing, and communication. It also allows for electronic distribution and remote viewing during sales calls or outside visits.

A typical Executive Summary report includes a table of contents, purpose and methodology page, executive summary, tables, charts, graphs, simple frequencies, and a few examples of verbatim responses. This report is likely to be 5-10 pages in length.

A detailed cross-tabulation report contains all survey information in full depth, usually with a number of cross-tabulations (subgroup profiles), and may be from 50 to 300 pages long. However, WRG works closely with customers to mine the data and provide a report that illuminates the results in ways that are most useful to our clients. For example, custom cross-tabulations for meeting specific client concerns.

The uses of market research are virtually unlimited in terms of getting to know customer's thoughts, needs, opinions, and satisfaction. If you are somewhat "in the dark" concerning opinions on your services, publications, or products, we can help. Contact Wilson Research Group, LLC to begin the process of substantive market research for your publication, product, or service. Information from professional research equals power in the marketplace. Wilson Research Group has the experience and know-how to help you implement meaningful Solutions based in Research.

Report Features:

  • Cross-tabulation of data points (Mining of the data)
  • Custom cross-tabulations (Make your own cross-tabulation of data points)
  • Executive summary
  • Experienced interpretation of data
  • Highly organized table of contents with table links
  • Organized verbatim responses
  • Informative charts and graphs
  • Statistical testing of differences across groups
  • Informative statistics
  • Real-time reporting of Web survey data
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