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Professional Services Program (Dentists, Doctors, and Lawyers etc.)

Our "Dental Care Patient Feedback" system is designed for dentists to improve their services to their patients. For example, dentists around the country invite their own patients to complete an online survey as to how they rate their latest visit, and how satisfied they are with all aspects of the practice.

After a small time, the respondent data grows and year around online reporting shows the individual dentist not only how her practice fares with her patients, but how her dental practice compares to the local community of dentists, to the state community, and to the national community. So the dentist can improve her services based on this direct feedback system and independent statistical data that is constantly at her fingertips. Our program, we hope will improve dental care as a whole by this simple honest direct feedback.

Our "Dental Care Patient Feedback" program is a statistically valid report that can refute baseless or irresponsible claims that fly around the Internet by ad hoc sources and cause damage.

Ask about our Professional Services Client or Patient Satisfaction Surveys.

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