Business Consultant Support

Business consultants (management, marketing and training) use our research on a regular basis to support their primary expertise and services. Our partners provide their expertise and guidance to their clients based on our current market research. This added value...

    Distinguishes our partners' credibility from other consultants
    Provides a foundation of objective market evidence for all recommendations
    Allows our partners to concentrate on what they do best

These partnerships have worked so well that we have worked with one partner on over 50 projects, and with another for over 10 years. Our online services and ExecStats analysis tool provide a way for these consultants to slice and dice the data on their own, supporting their own conclusions and ensuring their clients that results are based on the realities of the current day market conditions and not on "believe me."

With some partners we have developed special techniques that demonstrate the value of a client's product or service -- for example, our special "Purchasing Scenario Reports" bring to life the full context, stakes and trade-offs of major purchasing situations.

Purchasing Scenario Report: Case by Case

    What product or service was purchased
    Problem this purchase solved
    Dollar amount of purchase
    Time it took from start to final decision
    How clients' resources influenced decision
    Criteria for selecting vendors
    Vendors considered
    Vendor selected
    Reason for selecting the vendor
    Size of company, type of company and other demographics

Hundreds of purchasing scenarios are classified by market segments for sales force training. Our training partners report sales groups are highly energized by these real-life illustrations of high stakes decisions and the role their company had in the outcomes.

Bottom line: Quality third-party research, objectivity and creative special techniques of our services provide our partners with strong credibility. This assures their clients that their expert recommendations, advice and training are based on verified market evidence. Our partners can then focus on what they do best.

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