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Consultant Support

We have developed "Purchasing Scenario Reports" that bring to life the full context, stakes and trade-offs of major purchasing situations. This can vividly demonstrate the value of a client's product or service and make a consultant shine.


Software development, EDA, Embedded Systems Research

Technology usage studies, time-to-market surveys, familiarity surveys, brand share studies


Media Subscriber and Editorial

Subscriber studies, editorial studies, salary surveys, product rankings, competition analysis, advertising effectiveness




" As a marketing consultant, I rely on Wilson Research Group, LLC. They've helped us successfully conduct over 70 projects to date, and our relationship is more of a partnership than customer/vendor. They always go the extra mile when necessary (which is often). They interface with my own clients, and I have absolute trust they will make me look good. My recommendation? Put them to work for you immediately. "

Martin Akel, Martin Akel & Associates, Media Consultant

" Wilson Research is awesome. I was able to pull up the report on my iPhone. I reviewed the data by the time the first person with whom I was meeting arrived. The implications were clear, and I used the two most critical points. Having a little data up my sleeve was perfect frosting to the successful meeting. The other consultants were ruled out."

Ken Rosen, Performance Works

" We were delighted with the insights from our online surveys. We were able to identify which pieces of our technology buyers valued the highest, and why."

Mark Fuccio - Senior Director of Products & Markets, Data Robotics
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